25 July 2011


Ah Bliss! Sitting in the theater and zoomed away to a out-of-routine time for those 2+ hours, watching my beloved stars pilfer away from realism in the true bollywood style, loved ZNMD.
It was simple, fun and light - Just exactly what I was looking for.....I just had to relax, with continuously popping the corn and enjoying every scene, dialogue, the clothes, the location, the travel..ahhhh such a treat…..

Now, if you wondering if this needs so much description ( it was just about watching a movie!), oh YES! This is something which I have been longing for quite some time now and should plan more often to visit theaters irrespective of the company!

So am pretty content with my weekend, not to miss the mention of the “SURPRISE” I got from hubby. He has always been the one who plans and often surprising me and that’s one of the highlight of our decade long relationship. I still wonder how he manages to keep me kicked about things...This time it was HIDESIGN ……..
I badly want to post the pic, but unable to get the bluetooth connected between my phone and lappy...

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