14 December 2009

My DiL GoES ZOOmmm...OOMMM...

Yes, am so Refreshed – Rejuvenated – Revived!!!!! The meaning same, but that’s the feel am starting my week with; repeat REFRESHED!!! I need to Blame my lovely Sunday I had for this believe; indulging in FISH SPA as scheduled and rest of the fun things until late evening which self describe as a perfect Sunday..

FISH SPA – Startling set up; a class crowd and it all began with this exhilaration to just set our foot inside the Fish tank …..Kavs accompanied me to the Spa, both of us waiting with equal anticipation to try this unique foot reflexology.

Without much wait, we were taken near the Tank and asked to sink our feet inside and enjoy the session…
Just a peep, sent a chill looking at those hundreds of tiny, brown fishes waiting to attack us.We plunged out feet inside and those petite garra rufa fishes rushed near our feet and started off with their business ….
Initially it looked YUCK….felt YIKKKESSSSSSS….TICKLISHHHHH…”OPSSS, I CAN’t do this” kinds….and then we tried indulging again…It’s the same shriek…yiikkessssss…what’s this??? And then a loud laughter and same noises from us… We were overjoyed at the sight and feel; screeched at the same time, taking our own sweet time to get used to those hundred’s of them all over our feet.…It takes a minimum of 10 mins to get used to the feeling and sight, and unknowingly you start to love their work. Initially we opted for 10 min, but just could not resist the amazing feel, extended to 10 more mins and before they said its TIME UP; we stretched to 30 mins and those were amazing …They suck the dead skin away, slowly relaxing you…We were offered a free 10 min shoulder / Hand ,massage adding intensity to Rejuvenation …
Anyone who has not tried, should give it a shot once…It’s just worth the skill
(Atleast the TICLKE)

Overall Loved the 30 min special healing therapy and with this not enough, There was road side chat session with the gang post the SPA, road side shopping and before I could realize, the sun was saying good bye…We cancelled our Dinner plan to eat light at home…
So no complains to start the week all FRESH and HAPPY!!!
(Am I not content with so little things in life?)

Dad and mom are vacationing in Shimoga for a week, while am waiting for mine!!!!


Swaram said...

Wow! What a weekend - Spa,chats, shopping - some of the best things in life :P

Manju said...

OMG!!! swarms of fish treating your leg as FOOD :) yuk!!! but amazing :)

Anonymous said...

I am diving to be a fish.

Passionate Goof said...

It would indeed freak me out, but if its fun later, I am sure I would love to try it out!

Mohan said...

Hey Shruti, more details would have made it much better.. the place, location, price etc :)

This can be best felt at Cauvery Fishing camp too... though the officials warned us about the crocs there, we did enjoy that tickling sensation for sure!

Renu said...

And I thought your hubby has come back, so your dil goes zoommmmm:)

I dont hink I can ever dare to get it done:)

Shrutzz said...

@ Mohan ...Will keep that in mind buddy :) you are right
Hey, am dying to visit Cauvery fishing camp. Its in my wish list for a long time now..
u done with your exams?

@ Renu....Hubby is back last week.Hehehee, you should try this SPA, trust me you will freak out

Vijay said...

Hi.. I just visited ur blog.. It sounds Great.. Hope u too will Visit my blog..

Vijay said...

Hi.. I just visited ur blog.. It sounds Great.. Hope u too will Visit my blog..

Manjunath said...

I am planning to buy these fishes(Garra rufa and Cyprinion macrostomus) and dip my legs in acquairum every day :)

Vijay said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and posting ur valuable comments...

Pesto Sauce said...

Thats sounds and looks a lot of fun. Will try to give it a shot next time I am in B'lore

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vishal jindal said...

hi shruti
must b amazing..hmm..
b4 reading the text short glimpse at the pics made me a lil uncomfortable...goin thru d post i learnt a new therapy bt still its a bit difficult to feel at ease with the imagination of scaly touch and tickle :)

Mohan said...

yes! finally the finals got over yest! so much of relief!!!