09 December 2009

How’s life at your end?

What’s’ you’re Raashe baby!!!

Am a Piscean as per English paper/Calendar and Mesh as per my birth certificate….

Which one should I consider while reading my Horoscope for the day?

OFFCOURSE, the one which speaks GOOD!!!!

Back to the MOVIE, What’s your RAASHE….

Good entertainment, on a Sunday morning, when you have nothing interesting to do, but this DVD. The reason for the story to start and conclude is STUPID (JUST STUPID); doesn’t make any sense nor any practicality attached.

But the process of seeing 12 girls from different sun signs was AMAZING! Though again, not a very practical move, am speaking in pure “entertainment terms”; for a lady like me. For me, it was the process of imagining each girl in her circumstances and hows it like to meet a guy for the first time arranged by the parents. What to talk, how to dress up, how to behave and how not to…..I have been through this process (which was taken carelessly from my side, since I was already in LOVE); but I did go through!!!! It rushed back memories (though not pleasant then) but TODAY since am in a different situate, I could afford to IMAGINE and think, how’s it like!!!!

I loved Ms.Chopra’s clothes, acting to-be bride and all the things attached to Gujarati family, attitude and style!!! Loved Harman as an NRI, who was so unruffled, balanced and took the flow of meeting girls and enjoying each experience. Loved every scene where he meets the girl and wished there was more drama; than those unwanted songs.

I loved – I loved – I was entertained – thrown into this imaginary world again!

In lay life realism, I will never every be able to meet a person for today, talk, have coffee and settle on the leading decision of my life. That’s also cos; I always knew what I want and ensured I took all routes to convince that he is was the one for me. It’s never easy for Parents to accept that their son/daughter choosing their spouse. The attitude of most of Indian parents will never change when it comes to few things in LIFE – NEVER. Maybe when am a parent, I might understand that, but that’s to see.

Else, I love the fact that I lead my life based on my decisions and awareness, even ready to take the short fall/compromises if am faced to.

I wonder, what about those people who fall in love but never have the courage to convince their parents? What about those people in remote parts / Villages, where even before they know what MARRIAGE is, they are just done with it. What about those, who have parents who will emotionally pull them back and get them marriaged to else?

“WHAT if” – exist for many reasons, circumstances and diverse for different class of society, caste and dogma. Such a miscellaneous topic, which can be never ending…..lemme stop here.


so....How’s life at your end?

Gugee – this for you, though COPIED, :(

This Day I Married My Best Friend

This day I married my best friend
...the one I laugh with as we share life's wonderous zest,
as we find new enjoyments and experience all that's best.
...the one I live for because the world seems brighter
as our happy times are better and our burdens feel much lighter.
...the one I love with every fiber of my soul.
We used to feel vaguely incomplete, now together we are whole.


Anonymous said...

No mater what the Rashi is:
God the decision-maker.

Mohan said...

Nice review shruti... i have let this movie pass :D

Hey congrats and best wishes on the occasion of anniversary!

Shrutzz said...


do watch the movie, but strictly DVD only;)

Mohan said...

hmm too many things are passing by in my mind i suppose... either i have gone wrong reading it or i got carried away with few lines of your post.

Shrutzz said...

@ Mohan - I get it why u wished me. The poem is misleading, since it says ' This day I got married"...
I just liked the poem and posted it..
so no anniversary:)