11 December 2009

Friday LiVE…..

Friday Live...from Shru...

Tried hard to watch the movie “BLUE” today, but just could not enjoy it at all…

The sharks, fishes, water, music, Akki, Sanju baba, Sexy Lara, my fav Zayed, Kat’s “
Ball Closure Rings” style, the audacious swim, the bikes & Racing, the Glamour quotient, the Hype, The Dialogues…”NOTHING” made me sit up and watch this movie … I switched off half way and planning to take the next DVD from the rack “DO KNOT DISTURB” scheduled for the noon show!!!

I realised my desire ... 1) Lower Lip piercing 2) Tattoo on my right arm say “OM

OFFCOURSE, I don’t DARE both of this now…. have masses of persuasive in line, which will take away time and mental health and end up just not longing anything…..Let me be optimistic and say the feeling is only for “NOW”!!!!!

Do you also have a secret desire like this?

Finally my December trip is scheduled on the last day on this yr

, for 3 days in Sakleshpur (Yippee)…It was very tough to conclude, fingers crossed, prayers silently ON from my side, since I need this 2 day break – BADLY – make that VERY BADLY…but something imp from FIL’s side, might be a priority then…..

As soon as we are back, its hubby’s birthday. So my new year will start off with his Birthday celebration. He is turning “30” and the feeling is so good - out of the ordinary – am personally so excited for this special number!!!

I badly want to check with him, if the feel is any different …”The 30 feel”???

He continues to look Younger day by day…

Anyways; people like him get lucky to party with team on a Friday evening, while I get to sit in front of my buddy here and just type these words..Realized how much I lack friends in life…

Thanks for all of you there, who flowed the lovely names, for the COFFEE SHOP. My fren has finalized 5 names, which will conclude to “1” later…I shall post the name, once it’s finalized by those 3 friends. Now, it’s up to them to choose. Next step will be on finalizing the Interiors….yet to get more info on this and planning will start…


LIVE......from Television News and My Views...

oh HELL with Politics and its Drama..Its reaching Rakhi Sawanth's level ( and much more) or Can I even compare to anything worse (?), which is full of false Nautanki, than anything real or Policy or whatever little truth...First it was all Drama b/w our beloved CM with Reddy bro's taking over the news channel, our time, thoughts, Government's abundance money, patience and then one fine day they shake hands and smile and more drama continues...we believe, we Live normally

( P.s Personally I like Rakhi Sawanh for her talent, so the comparison)

Now, Its its passed to our neighbouring state...what's that...JAI TELANGANA???

Oh come on, I wanted something better on a Friday evening than pained by this another Drama taken to a much better level by our Chandrashekar Rao ( he, who cannot even walk on self), fighting so religiously to dividing the state.For WHAT? For Policy? For betterment of the Country or state? WHATEVER buddy, do u even realise what r you putting at stake? Why does the Bus have to burn for this fight? What was that "satyagraha"?? ( Uff, Gandhi follower's)???? do they have reports justifying what will be the Special effects and improvement post dividing the land...will the Flood affected people and area be back to normal is a miracle time? Are they even looking at those people now? they are only people on streets with banners causing so much havoc to the normal public life and more money in the flow like floods....It PAINS to be looking at so much go waste, while they all sit and do more damage in the name of Politics and Policy...Am so sorry for the victim Rosiah here, I believe YSR considered to him as one of the most knowledgeable & Matured man, at 77 he is fighting a never ending, ever unwanted Battle!!!!

Can Congress act seriously, before our Mayawati Devi starts accessing her active mind and make cry, following such stupid acts down south? I hear she wants to divide her state too...Divide and WHAT? Why can't this time and money be used for something better ( sounds like Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder?)

Atleast am ANGRY and venting out.....Congress Maiyya, Can you unfold this?

This is what we are presenting to our future gen!!! More division,more Drama....More news, More money..MORE TAX for me and you!!!



Swaram said...

Thatz a nice coincidence eh! My significant other's word is the beginning on next yr too ;) and even he is turning 30 :P Bday wishes to ur hubby in advance :)

Waiting to know the name of the coffee shop nw :)

N abt all that politics, am just plain tired of ranting and suffering here from all those bundhs n stuff :( God hs to take an avatar again and I hope he will succeed in setting them rt :(

Manjunath said...

Now, Its its passed to our neighbouring state...what's that...JAI TELANGANA???

Now its our neighbours..... do not worry a day may come to say JAI BELGAUM :)

vishal jindal said...

hi shruti
well v wish congress quits its cheap stunts and thinks for develop of country