21 December 2009

December.....what's up wth me

The year is almost EnDiNg….Am all geared to start 2010, the number looks good but lets see what’s in store for "ME"( SeLfIsH!)….I want lot of things my way..listening?

Currently am in a GUILT process and here’s the flashback….

I “over-committed” to my long time good friend and my sister last week and am so bloody feeling bad about MYSELF. Am truly guilty....head low...

Okay…. 2 weeks back, I met V who is my very long time friend in office cafeteria and a plan was worked out during the coffee discussion to Travel to Kerala during Christmas. Just us and her little son. I was so excited about the way we planned and committed asking her to book the requirements.

Similarly, I visited my sister few days back and we decided to go to shimoga (My granny’s place) during our hols next week and again with the same existing excitement I said “OK” confirmed.

Come this week, I called them both and said “I can’t make it” and am not feeling good about the fact I did not think before committing. Both of them are fuming at me, maybe will never really consider me for their next plan L((( and why would they want to listen to my Reason's, when their purpose is not solved. But its not good at my side...This is not the first time am doing this..

So my first resolution is already in making for the year and that’s…

****Never COMMIT anything, unless you are sure and double sure**** Stop trying to please everyone*****

Am so-so-so attracted to devotional songs these days…wait a min, its not a joke..Its become a part of my routine unknowingly…

It always used to be parents listening to it from 5AM until they finished their round of morning prayers. This used to be unease for us to wake up, make faces, crib to the sound and walk out for school / college. I can never relay to them, any music. I mean Music has never been my passion…

Sometimes, a hindi / kannada / English music track might catch my ears for a day or two and that’s the end. Back to some random songs while I drive..

B-U-T I think it’s my marital status (really?) or maybe this is what I ASSUME, has got me closer to some devotional songs, without which I can’t move my day. Am humming them often and feel so GOOD. I even picked up a CD (NeW ME) and this is what I feel is the making of my second resolution for new year and That’s….

****Music**** Devotional songs****More songs****a way to de-stress

Last week .......Mania

was shopping for NEW YR in Jack n Jones (Loved the collection) …

Avatar" is a good movie – a must one time watch, my expectation of the 3D effect was just not MET and not sure it’s the Theater to be blamed or the movie did lack the effect. The concept, creativity, the new thing, brilliant work, inventiveness…..all the good vocabulary in English can be allied to the miraculous work gone behind making this movie. Please go and WATCH!!!!

Hope all of you there having FUN….the feeling during December is just so different…so beautiful….

Hey, pls don't look at the below pictures of you love food and currently Hungry..Last night dinner was at

"ELEMENTS" and you must go there to bring that joy to your Tastebuds...

and...when I checked my "BMI" in the machine today, I just weight right for my height..so more food and more eating and the passion continues..


Manjunath said...

Promises are like babies: easy to make, hard to deliver :P

so be careful while committing :)

Between pics are making me hungry and between what is third PIC lamb or chicken :P

Shrutzz said...

Manju, am a Veggie kano...Thats Potato!!!