23 September 2014

Sammy turns 3......

22- Sep-2014
My lil one is 3 yr old! Like all mothers, I started my day with the nostalgia; The anticipation during 3rd trimester enjoying the big fat belly and all the eating ; Finally the pains, to the eagerness of what was awaiting ahead of us, the labor and then the lil Sammy in our lives....Holding my lil one was all it required for me to expunge what life had been before this? Really, I have no flow of it anymore….

In the past year, in the midst of my son learning to talk 2 different languages and struggling with one more, his pre-school learning’s and new tricks and games, unlimited energy to run , question things, explain us those imaginary and his stories, I have started to enjoy every bit of new-fangled phase and at the same time I have lost the ability to tolerate and stay calm, to an extent I get petrified when am I gonna just burst out or am just being Fatuous ? Maybe yes, Maybe No…Its that phase where am smiling at one moment and almost in tears next, throwing tantrums just like Sammy….

My major part of day / current phase of life is all about Sammy and his growing up….Its the tiny outings with my friends and H, family that I relish and fancy!

Well, the bday boy wore his new tee and shorts to school, his glee when he took those chocolates to share with his frens! His sweet innocent “Thank you”, when  someone wished him Happy bday was a treat for me personally….My parents visited us in the evening and then we were off to JWM for dinner which just made my day (our) fun to conclude…Food and Ambience was what alleviated me and what a perfect way to say cheers to the bday boy!!!!

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