07 June 2012

Gigee learns to CrAwL

EKKSSS, its like am Crawling all over the house!!!
Its just been two days, my lil one has learnt to crawl and there is just no stopping him.....and ME who has to be there and watch him!
He loves everything and anything on the floor and just reaches in seconds to grab them or go and hot his head...This leaves me no choice but to run along with him ensuring he doesnt hurt himself and at the same time he enjoys his new skills!!!!
Love u Gigee for all the fun moments and am so sorry if I raise my voice when am "Just done" with all your nonsense....

I have this deep urge to feed him all the time and try varieties so he can relish. I have my own boundaries at home and hope to introduce salt and rice soon....

My fav moment with my lil one is when he is just about to sleep on my Lap and those many kisses I plant on him so he can sleep well..he has a faint smile on his face, eyes closed,  innocent, so unconditional, so beautiful and thats when I feel "ITS ALL WORTH IT"....nothing has ever made me feel so beautiful than this phase and so that makes me huggg him so tightly before put him on bed !!!!

Off to mommy's place t'row and a day and have back to back function to attend on weekend...so that will be fast ...we have planned a special occasion for our lil one...as a part of the ritual, we shall be taking him to the temple sunday morning and he will be Lil boy "Bodu" on that day :) Am waiting to see my bodu Gigee with no hair....

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Ekta said...

Loved reading ur post--!am a mother two..though my little one is beyond crawling and running now...but I know exactly what u mean...!
Most precious moments when they are with us..!