30 May 2012

Meeting Vini

Surprising that Vini messaged " Lets meet this Sunday".....We have been the best buddies for over a decade, from having morning coffee until evening snacks at work to meeting every weekend, shopping, crazy talks ( Lovey moments with this girl must say!!!) ..Just like the best Girl frens!!!! Over years, it changed and my Bad that I had family commitments and we could hardly meet..Thanks to Phone, we ring up each other everyday....I always feel its not been the same, since we hardly meet....hmmm

Back to my topic, we Met last Saturday for coffee at Costa Coffee. Its mid-way to her workplace and my home; so its easy for me to commute with Gigee...I was so bloody excited, just the thought of meeting her...My usual irritation about few things at home just vanished, I was sooper cool feeding gigee and kept telling him that we are going out in the evening, something nice was running inside me...(hehehe)

I was worried I had not done my eye brows, managed to wash my hair, kept checking my tee's...Same for Gigee, kept a nice tee and shorts!!!! I could not apply kajal, due to dust allergy in my eyes  :(

It was an evening, so REFRESHING!!!! We picked up coffee, walnut cake and sat to talk...It was simple, nice, playing with Gigee, light, just Nice!
loved it!

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Renu said...

meeting friends is the best for mof relaxation:)