05 January 2010

All PLaY n No WORk....This is how I welcomed 2010!!!

I could not get a WINK of sleep on 30th Night, since the travel excitement kept mounting as I counted every min that passed…This is the first time ever, I was celebrating my new year’s in the Midst of few friend’s and delimited by the second highest hill in Karnataka – JENKAL!!!!!

Luxuriant emerald patch, hill locks, lovely mountain and slopes, coffee estate, waking up next to hubby, frens basking around ordering their first cup of tea without even brushing the teeth; is the first sight of Jan 01st and this is how I welcomed my 2010!!!! What more can I ask for? Lemme start my New Year story……

We were at Jenkal (Sakleshpur) a small private estate, surrounded by JENKAL hills and river Hemavathi. This place is situated at the Malnad region of Karnataka in the Western Ghats; very green town with coffee plantations and forest surrounding it.

It was the last day of 2009; day began with travelling to Jenkal and not a minute to rest until mid-night. NINE of us set out in 2 Skoda’s, cherishing the lovely sun-rise on the nice road. The drive was a beauty, turned into an adventure when Vyshi almost raced with the BMW in front of him (our love) and almost banged ( but missed) into it at one junction…..Thanks to the so called “breaking system” ….whowww, else It could have been dramatic and Life long labor, if the two cars collided, but fortunately the beauty took a different route post Hassan…Loved the perspiration the owner of BMW went through and also that of my hubby who was sweating cos of the speed…..Vijay and myself enjoyed painstakingly…Cheers to Vyshi and BMW for making the journey so memorable for us!

None of us wanted to relax after reaching the estate….The day was filled with actions (call that tricks), exploring the house, never realizing how hasty every hour passed. Be it talking non-stop and pulling each other’s leg to playing i-spy / hide & seek ( Is this how it spelled?) to playing monopoly to dumb charades…We even wanted to play bum-charades, but time fell short….It was effortless games, with boundless fun and ingenuity raising the bar with every game and move. Can anyone think of i-spy as a game at this age? We had ultimate fun, fooling each other and trying to find every corner in the estate to hide and planning ways to fool the person…. At one instance, Hubby and Vyshi exchanged their tee's to fool Sriks, since he mistook the identity from far and got “out” again and it turned out to be a Huge HIT!!!! Am laughing while I write, re-calling the experience…..

It was that day of the year, I name it as the “HANDPICKED”, since I played like a little girl non-stop letting my hair down, screamed, jumped and danced with hubby in front campfire adding to the romance and welcomed 2010…..We cheered as we entered early hours of 2010….This is my first instance of “counting my blessing” for THE year!!!

***Without the sound of Alarm or any clatter, I woke up with ease and freshness on 01st morning…I walked till the door to be welcomed/mystified by that rich patch of greenery, jumped in craze with this beauty which you get to sense only at this hour in the morning….It was a long lazy morning with the Gang, with no one geared up to take a bath and ordering tea non-stop….At times, to sundry from the routine can give you loads of that rejuvenation is all I can bet on!!!! Get away from here for once is all MY Gyaan for the day..

Trek to an old temple and another hill next to Jenkal was the best stored for the evening. The beauty multiplied in the evening, a short trek to a temple which was 1500 yrs old and a beautiful hill surrounding it. Only Putta managed to hit the hill top, while myself, hubby and Vijay took some pics from halfway; post lost in our own individual world…the couple romanced in the midst of lovely green spread ( what a place for it babyee). It was hardly strenuous, while we never got bored of the walk. The drink was the pure mountain water flow, which drained away our strain later, getting geared for the fun filled evening near the campfire. The fun repeated, games unfolded in different way, with lovely memories hugging us while we hit the bed..

Am more in love with Green and nature, promising to make more such trips to recreate myself…It’s my way to de-hassle and have fun; nothing can contest this beauty for sure and forever…

So; it was all PLAY n NO WORK on the first day of the year for nine of us!!!How was it at your end????

Wishing all of you a Great 2010 journey!!!!

As soon as we hit Bengalooru, It was the first weekend of 2010 and Hubby’s Birthday on 03rd…so more celebration, as we wished him, visited temple, collected gift cheque from daddy’s ( I got one too…henge!) and good food. It was more o

f a peace

ful day since we mutually decided not to party….The hangover will continue until next weekend and the party begins!!!

No Pics currently to update :(


Anonymous said...

belated happy birthday buddy And greenery is good for eyes. Sharing greenery pictures good for our eyes too. You clicked or not?

Mohan said...

Awesome! Glad you folks had a gala time celebrating the new year amidst the greenery and nature.

Wishing you and your family a very happy new with more fun, health and prosperity :)

Belated b'day wishes to your hubby.

One thing I didn't like was that racing on our highways... it is not safe.. please refrain from such crazy adventures... the act of fun for a while could be fatal for life! Hope you take that in the right spirits...

Antarman said...

Good that you started into the new year with a bang:)

Belated Happy Bday to your hubby! and a very happy and prosperous 2010!

But racing gives me lot of stress and sometimes it can put some other uninvolved people in trouble...sorry I dont intend to spoil the fun.

Anonymous said...

happy new year

Passionate Goof said...

Happy New Year Shruti... and the BB and your hubby share their birthdays, what say to that?

Swaram said...

Wohoo .. adventure, romance .. hd it all :) What an awesome start to the yr :)

Nanu Jenkal ge hogtini sometime :)

A very happy bday to ur hubby again :)