05 May 2009

Granny dear

Spoke to my Granny today...emotional me made me sit and think of all those lovely summer holidays I have spent with my grandparents....The care, the excitment in them, the eagerness to know about us, their unconditional love for us, their teachings all rushed back into my brains; nostalgia sweeping completely....
Today..she is 82, almost 90% blind, cannot walk independently with her husband almost 87 managing himself and trying his best to help her. With all her children away, the lonely couple craves for someone to call them and speak..."Its an unfair world"......they took care of all of us and today they have none beside them, none taking care of them...How much is it worth to call them once in a while and say hello? does that help? some of my cousins don't even bother to call them once a yr and the truth is today wherever they are, its cos of my grandad who helped them financially for education or being there in need....he just "CRAVES" for love from his children and grandchildren and I feel guilty for not being with them..do other feel the same?

I checked with my parents, if they can Live with them for sometime and the options are being considered, now that dad is retired....wish-WISH-wish, i COULD do something for them...and I know i will start by calling them and asking them everyday as to HOW R THEY DOING today...Its a least bit I can do....This post is only a reminder for me of their situation and what needs to be done, even if its a move of an inch!
Few months back, had planted some methi in the garden, the watchman stepped on it while watering the plants without noticing the samplings. Its all vanished now......This evening, will try to re-do them!
Going to buy some books today; 3in my mind - excited!
a) Rainmaker from John Grisham
b) Paulo's The winner stands alone
c) The Immigrant.........( any has reviews about this book?)



Anonymous said...

You made me almost cry.
e.mail ?

Renu said...

Aheartfelt post from a good heart!
You have taken the first step in right direction, May god be woith you all the way!

I also feel very sad for lonely old people.and can never justify anything in the world be it career, job, or anything to leave our parents lonely or uncared for.

Gana said...

Hi shru ,
Shru i m so sad today after a long long time.My team leader shouted at me sterday for no reason.Later i felt i m the same emotional Gana antha.Shru missing u and sree cheta.
Take care