14 May 2009

On a Monday morning~

Today have made a resolution, not to RANT or CRIB on Monday’s.
“WORK” or “NO WORK”, whether am able to wake up on time on Monday morning ( *especially*) or not, am fed up of feeling low on Mondays…..I was just unable to wake up in the morning and turned off the alarm which was the first thing to distress me. Wrecked up rushing things, devoid of my morning tea and just get dressed for the heck of it before catching the cab.
Slept in the cab, only to realize after an hour am at workplace….Am fuming at myself, am heavy-eyed, am not interested today, dragging myself inside, nor interested to turn back and go home – That’s it! Am Cribbing….

I also want to Rant about my new job, but "NO"! I need to live as it is and not expect things to be "MY WAY"....how many of us are doing, EXACTLY "What they want"? How many of us "SAY", what they have to say??
I love my work profile, but nothing comes in sugary sachet. My challenge is rest of things involved in this work like the odd times and the travel every so often....

Aftersaid "How many of us "SAY", what they have to say??"......really bothers me a lot these days. Curbing my innersoul not to say bold statements to people , thinking it would harm their feeling is how I have grown up. At times, you end up "Regretting" which is not a good feel mentally. But again a resolution pop's out this time, am going to TRY to do things what I LIKE, I WANT, and SAY what I have to SAY! am going to keep track of my performance :)
What kinda person are you????


Mohan said...

One thing that really makes me everyday a new day is the challenge to learn something new. As long you have that eagerness to learn, doesn't matter what day it is.. whether monday or friday... everyday looks alike :)

At the same time, never fall in love with the organization for which you work. Because, you never know when they stop loving you... if you continue to love your work and learn something new everyday, there will be another employer to take care of you :))

Renu said...

Since we are a unit of society, we cant always do and say what we want ,but thats ok:) withing the given parmeters also there is lot that we can do and enjoy life.
we cant expect everyone to be the way we want, because we cant be what others want us to be.

Gana said...

hey shru,
Nindiste aythu bidu.Monday yelakke agalla .. friday night malagakkagalla.. hehehhe.nange ondu anthu clear aythu bidu nin taleli thumba ne thoughts odtha ede.Adanella side ge edu.Dina full nagtha nagtha eru.Shru don forget to feel and the good things times.
Love u take care ..we miss u here .

Arunima said...

your monday morning is somewhat like my monday morning. Cheers to the similarity! :-)

Shruti SriHarsha said...

LOL Aru!!!!