17 August 2010

"GUEST POST" by Hubby!

Hubby was hospitalised last month with rashes all over his body and some kind of Viral at the same time as his parents were for diffferent reasons...He has been completely kicked out of his routine, which made him write a Guest post for my Blog.....

Disclaimer: I write this post keeping in mind the characters that I think are integral part to me and this is not subject to any individual or to depict anyone in any form what so ever. Viewers are free to read thro’ and infer what they can.

To begin this journey of my blog – though I have one of mine [Bantalpad.blogspot.com] I have made no effort to visit that in a while nor have I written an post in the last couple of years, I do visit to keep it LIVE! I have started this with a BUNCH of Thoughts which are in me and I hope to have captured all of it in my way, you as a reader may or may not be able to review what is the MORAL of this [so called] STORY.

I can relate the 3 characters [S1 S2 S3] to a Time Piece! The Hour Stick, Minute Stick and the Ticker [Seconds Stick]…these days you may get models which may or may not have the ticker but yet this is a component which decides the FATE ~ ~ ~

Life is Automatic, it needs no Quartz/Diamonds or Winding…the only point here is that it can rotate either ways [Clock or anti clock], what’s making me say so is if ALL is WELL then it’s the CLOCK wise movement else it is the other way round.

I introduce another character 4 [S4] in this blog who is the actual time piece having all of the other 3 in him! Approximately Thirty Years ago this clock got its shape and came to the external world, in course of time and action this individual has got seasoned to the up’s and downs of LIFE. I say “SPIRITS can keep your SPIRIT HIGH” while in this case it has been the 3 characters who have been an absolute SPIRIT to the LIVING.

If you ask me who S1,S2,S3 characters are, well I may or may not reveal that! The third character came into my life approximately 8 years ago and from then ON there has been no looking back. This individual has been aside all thro’ the CREST and TROUGH yet has not lost the CHARM and has been a SIGN of the PLUS in my life!

Year 2010 has been nerve whipping year for the 4 characters, it started on a CLOCK WISE note and half way thru’ I notice it reversing its DIRECTION! Believe me, it’s an EXPERIENCE one has to go thru in LIFE at least for being a HUMAN! It gives a perspective of Reliability and Dependability on whose- who in this system of Society.

It’s easier said than done; when you have people who visit you on ADHOC basis give us a DOPE of how to handle with CARE and CRAP!

The PRESSURE is IMMENSE when you are mixed up of what’s in store for you when you actually looking forward to another BRIGHTER day with a RAY of HOPE! I am in this situation @ present! I have liked Materialism in life but the last 10 days has made a difference which I HOPE will take me to the ROAD NOT TAKEN – LEAD or TREAT life with a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE!

It’s the PHYSICAL PERSENCE which is actually the HEALING TOUCH to a WOUND! No matter how much WORDS of WISDOM u throw on the table, guiding an individual seated beside without losing CLAM is the NEXT best THING that I have DONE till date! This is certainly an EXPERIENCE which has given me a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE and I strongly feel that this has helped me GARNER STRENGTH, SERVE a HELPING HAND, SELF Mgmt –aside to TIME, so on…
LIFE take a TURN which has no minimum or maximum RADIUS, it’s TIME TO FATE! And then DESTINY KILLS with so much of thoughts running le to your mind and soul. Not sure which one will take LEAD as I feel you will have NO CONTROL on either after a certain point in TIME!

Holy **** I am trying hard to refrain from saying more, b’cos I think it’s more to do with self and I am kind of losing sight to express in words! It’s more of me and me along with the other 3S who are just adorable to always MINE!
Hope this to be the only POST of mine which is to do with SORROW’S and look forward to HAPPY TIMES AHEAD!!!


Manjunath said...

“He who has not looked on Sorrow will never see Joy.”

btw nice read!

Passionate Goof said...

I can't get over what a cute couple you both make! Touchwood. Really, super duper cute. :D

Renu said...

Didnt understand much, but liked the pictures..you both look good together:)

Swaram said...

I hope all of them are doing better now. Lotz of warm wishes ur way.
Lovely pics - luv oozing out of both of them :) :)

Anonymous said...

full filmy script writing.
Very good. Those who write less write maybe better.