08 July 2010

just an update

Am TIrEd….
Its lovely weather, unless you are traveling in an auto and getting drenched just before that meeting which is so important….reaching office and no time to even look at yourself in the mirror and do your hair..
Well, this is how my day started…
Work is hectic on outside and taking its time for me to be well prepared and be in the “ACTION”. I have no time to use as probation or training as reasons, every day needs to be a planned-action filled-fruitful day without a miss…..

Life has been pretty much a routine, CHANGES so well accepted in recent times…
I have been wanting one short trip away from Bangalore with hubby, which is taking its own time to even plan it. It’s a huge regret, I wasn’t able to travel for last few months and now, it’s so tough to even get started. Getting away from this city is nitty-gritty for the moment!

Something disturbing happened few days back…Its my fren’s brother who met with a horrible accident and departed us…I haven’t met him in person, but I keep re-calling this ….Its shocking, its disastrous for the family, unspeakable and JUST NOT DONE…I had no dare to visit him / family and have been thinking of at least a message or call, but unable to. I feel bad, for not having visited inspite of hubby asking me to, but it’s so tough and can’t think of anything to speak or console them. I imagine this loss for his family and there is a spurt of scare inside I feel…This thought is just not leaving me……


Mohan said...

Change is good and enjoy it :)
I can't imagine the way we are heading on roads, there is no guarantee of safe return back to home. There is never a wrong moment to go and cheer up someone.. visit the family soon.

Swaram said...

Oh I feel really really difficult to speak to someone too in that situation :( I would not know what to say and what not.

Vacation - I sooo need one too!

Passionate Goof said...

You will be fine don't worry. Such incidents do shake us up, and in ways I think, we never know, what to expect from life.

I too am very bad at consoling people who have lost loved ones, because I know, that no words are enough at that point of time.

Himanshu said...

best wishes ahead
well happiness often comes in small installment
do not plan much just go somewhere unknown
i do try sometimes
& it works